[Closed] Airbus Fills up the sky in Singapore @ WSSS - 261700ZFEB17

Server: Casual

Region: Singapore

Airport: WSSS

Time: 17 Zulu

NOTAM: All Airbus event. Only Airbus planes. WSSS-WMKK. Take off from WSSS from only the active runways. ( if both are active, Than 20C-20R only). For park information, Please scroll down. It’s on Casual server. Please spawn 15 minutes before the event time

Event Information
This event is of course hosted by me. Please follow me in the event. No particular callsign for the event is required. Escorting is not allowed. We’ll be cruising between FL140 to FL220. Please don’t cross 320 knots Air speed. My speed will be 320 knots. My Display name is: IG-IF Aviation Kaler and callsign: IAKCRW01.

Please read this. Last time, I had an event and some random guy just changed his Display name and callsign to same I had. And the outcome of that was the event was totally ruined. People followed him.
Please look into my details below and only follow me:
Display Name: IG-IF Aviation Kaler
Callsign: IAKCRW01
Online time: 130 hours (around it)
XP: between 12,500- 15,000 xp ( I’ll be flying more today so It can be increased)
Grade: 2
Landings: 1,043
Landings(90 days): 333(can be increased but only between 333-350).
Please only follow me and the details are above ^

AirCrafts allowed:
Airbus only!
Any livery. Please don’t come in any fighter jet, no Boeing aircrafts, no GA aircrafts, No military aircrafts ( Ex: C130,C17,etc.)

Please spawn at ‘T1’ parks. I’ll be at T1 Gate C01.
If by chance, there are all parks filled than spawn at ‘T2’ parks.
Also, Please pushback a bit so that the plane fits into the park.
we’ll pushback at about 17:10-17:20 Zulu.
Please only taxi when I announce. Please don’t ‘Quit’ the flight till I quit. We all have to take screenshots!

Please follow all the rules and regulations. Have fun! Take screenshots and send it to www.instagram.com/IF_Aviation_Kaler on Instagram.
Happy and safe landings:-)
Reply to this topic for any doubts.


Good thing I have 3 Airbus planes. Count me in🙂

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Most welcome to the event mate!

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Count me in aswell, I’ll definitely come!

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Yes. It’s 17.00 English time ( UK time).

Would love to see you there!
Make sure to have fun and try to be in the full flight :-)

You state 1700 Zulu in your opening post. This normally means local time at the starting Airport, as declared in the topic about the live event category.
It might be a little confusing if you now say U.K. Time.

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Zulu time is English time. I guess all knows it very well. Zulu/GMT is the same!

English time is the same asGMT/ZULU.

Gonna be there with my A319

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I will be attending this event.
I will be at T1 Gate C11

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Nice to hear that from you!

See you in the event!

Those who are coming to the event, Please follow all the rules and please have a ‘Must’ reading of the topic as well for the event.

Thanks for organising. Will be there in Air France A320

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Would be really great if you stay near me ;)

Aircraft: Airbus A319 Qatar Airways
Airport: WSSS T1 gate C12

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Ill fly inverted formation with you guys (and gals) in my a330-F

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I know this is a bit off topic, but are Zulu, GMT and UTC all the same?

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Ok good will be there

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