[Closed] Airbus A321 Flight @ KLAX - 111230ZJUN16

Hi this is my first time making an event I’m so excited this event is a connecting flight to read more details below👇



Airline:any airline

Sever:free flight sever 1

Spawn gate:T8-G87-Apron 87
T8-G81-Apron 81

Start Airport:LAX love you guys hope you come also

Time:12:30pm Zulu Time (UTC)

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Hi. Please see the below thread for guidelines on how to make your event topic title. Putting the title in the correct format will allow your event to show up on the main screen of the app. Thanks and good luck with your event!


What timezone exactly?


Well I live in USA where do you live so can caulate

I already know how to calculate timezone differences. Regardless, please change it to ZULU time (UTC) to avoid any confusion, as this is an International forum.


Thanks for your feed back I’ll change it

So, to confirm, you want this at 12:30 ZULU? This is 8:30AM New York time.

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Ok sure what international people that want to play

Please change the title to follow the guidelines found here.

After school

Spawn time is 8:30 start are 8:50

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