[Closed] Airbus_737’s ATC Tracking Thread @PAJN

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Hello there,
I hope to become IFATC soon, so I am creating this tracking thread. I am currently open at KIAD.
Duration: 45 minutes (2115Z-2200Z)
Frequencies: Tower and ground
Challenge me with runway changes, GA aircraft, and more! Feedback is welcome and I hope to see you there!

Spawning In

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Coming in! N256E

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Well done. A few things to keep in mind for next time though;

  • You told me to taxi to 1C when I was considerably closer to 1R. As you had no traffic, you could’ve/ should’ve had me to go to 1R instead.

  • You ongauraded Air Force multiple times. Never on guard aircraft inbound when approach is open, let approach hand off for you. (Unless approach is clearly trolling on the TS)

  • On my runway change to 1L, you didn’t give me an exit direction.

  • When an aircraft repeat full stop, you do not need to re-clear. Your original clearance for the option allows me to full stop, or t&g.

Overall good work, I wasn’t able to test your traffic management/ sequencing skills, but that was a good session considering your just starting the road to IFATC.


Thanks @EthanT2! One thing: approach wasn’t active, so I think it was best to have him with me. Sorry about the accidental landing clearance, I was preparing a clearance for your next pattern and accidentally hit send

No worries. Approach actually was active, ask @Matt777 ;)


Oh ok, I didn’t see that

Yes sir. Was making sure no interfered with your session as the Air Force pilot was coming in to 19C that would have been a conflict for you. I vectored him to 1C out of the way. Listen to @EthanT2 & all IFATC members advise as it will help you greatly.

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Overall: well done!
Sequencing and clearance were great!

Some points for improvement:

  • You shouldn’t give me take-off clearance before I asked.
  • You dangerously cleared someone WETOOLOW to take off on 30 while I was on left downwind of 1L. Should have let him LUAW and give take-off clearance after I passed the end of rwy 30…
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask pilots to “maintain slowest practical speed” when they’re just 2nm from the runway. I know I turned base a bit too soon so I had to do a pitch-down approach. Worst case, I would have just gone around.

It was well done! I noticed that you also sent a “frequency change approved” to WETOOLOW on departure, so that was good. Keep practicing and you’ll get to be an IFATC in no time ;)

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Airport: KIAD
Runway: 30 (if necessary I will use 01R)
Duration: 1 hour
Feedback and patterns are welcome! See you there!

I’ll hop in.

Thanks to those who came (even non IFC members which there were many of)!

Airport: KIAD
Duration: 1 hour
Frequencies: Tower and Ground
Server: Training
NOTAMS: Pattern work allowed. Runways in use are 01s… Have fun!


Coming in for some quick loops! (Expect some latency cause I’m doing this on public wifi lol)


Spawning in!

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Closed, thanks for a busy session everyone!

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So yesterday you did amazing, it was extremely busy and you were dealing with it like a beast… really good job :)

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Duration: 30 minutes
Runways: 12 and 19R for arrival, 19C and 19L for departure
Pattern work allowed. I have the bonus of @AviationJack being approach today. Challenge me and have fun!


Good job.
But nobody more came…

Ignore the troll people on ground. You’ll win in health.

Regards. Dani.


If you close you need to update the title

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