[CLOSED] AirBaltic Virtual "Sun Flight" Event! @ EVRA - 281830ZFEB18

Welcome to the second airBaltic Virtual Event “Sun Flight” from Riga International to Tenerife Sur Airport!

@ EVRA - 281830ZFEB18

Departure airport: EVRA
​Arrival Airport: GCTS
Date: 28/02/2018
Aircraft:B787-8 (Generic)


Gate 102: @Artem_Frolov [BT0001]
Gate 104: @Ishan_S
Gate 105:
Gate 107: @Feurum
Gate 109:
Gate 309: @Georges180305
Gate 307:
Gate 305: @Turkish_Airlines_34


EVRA Ground: Discord
EVRA Tower: @SlimeFlyer
EVRA Departure:
GCTS Approach:
GCTS Tower: @Cpt.TC
GCTS Ground:@Cpt.TC


Boeing 787-8 (Generic Livery)

NOTAM: Please follow all ATC instructions. EVRA Ground will be provided in Discord as voice ATC. Cruising altitude and speed will be provided closer to the event.

If you want to book a gate, please leave a comment below with the following info: Requested gate, Callsign

Join airBaltic Virtual before the event to get double flight time!
Link to join: https://goo.gl/forms/Xuk0VacXT6ldwmV73
As a Staff member: https://goo.gl/forms/DZLEQQ98bS2uuhMG3

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I can be tower at EVRA, also by then I will have completed my TSATC application too (I also can’t use discord)

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Awesome! Count as done

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I’ll take gates 104 please

Roger that. Gate 104 is yours

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Add me please! My callsign is BT0106

Hi, I will take gate 105 please.
Thank you :)

@Feurum @Georges180305 All done!

Can I get one please?

What day is it going to be ?

There you have it :)

Thank you a lot. !!!

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Attention everyone! 5 days to go! Don’t forget to book a gate!

Quick reminder: 3 days remaining!

Meh, you should’ve used an aircraft that actually has the AirBaltic livery.

Can I be GCTS Tower and Ground on voicechat?

Sorry for the late response! I will add you to the list

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Less than an hour left! This is going to be quite exciting flight, as we flying to Africa!

Can I get a gate? Thank you very much.

I will add you in a second. See you there!

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