[Closed] Air Show on Free Flight Server @ KSFO - 250000NOV15

SanFransisco airport KSFO

Time: Nov 25, 2015

Aircraft that can be used are:
737 BBJ
Airbus A 320
Cessna 208
ERJ-170, 175, 190, 195
Airbus A340

Free serve so everyone that wants to join can

meet here at 12:00 then we will takeoff at 12:10

Please edit title to fit the guidelines. Thanks Josh

12:10 pst or gmt? AM/PM?

Do I have to pay for this? Or, is This free for all just to This day?

There is no such thing as 777-300 in IF…

It’s free no Need to pay central time noon

Please change the title to fit the community guide lines details are here!

Who ever comes we will takeoff runway 19L then fly to KOAK land then whoever wants to preform will line up on a runway and preform

I will plan a map and post it

Check to see if you have the most recent update. If you do, go to the aircraft tab and look for an aircraft titled “Boeing 777-300”. They are all -300ERs but the devs (For some reason) won’t title it -300ER