[closed] Air New Zealand celebration flight @ YSSY - 130930ZAUG16

It’ll come up in your time zone in the app.

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Will you be able to come?

We’re getting so close!

Keep my spot, but I probably won’t be able to come, I have to eat.

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Final boarding call

Check in, wll be coming B77W NewZealand👍🏼

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Sure, you can escort us in an F14

What gate? I’m guessing 12

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Nice its ok 12 👍🏼

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When you say gate 10 do you mean gate 1-33?

Yah pretty much

Ok. I’m there now.

It doesn’t start for another 20 minutes 😂

I’m just going to fly around for a bit

Just to point out that Zulu time is the same as Gmt . If you live in the uk we are currently on BST which is GMT+1. Just thought this might help in the future

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Also I will try and do some ATC but I might have to leave.

Could you be centre?

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4 minutes then I’m going online…

12 minutes people…

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