[closed] Air New Zealand celebration flight @ YSSY - 130930ZAUG16

It’ll translate it into your time inside infinite flight :)
What plane will you come in?

What plane will you come as?

What plane will you come in?

Guys, where do we go after takeoff

Follow me. I’ll see you in 2.5 hours!

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about the gate, is this in YSSY. If this is in this YSSY so which terminal

T1 is international so probably T1

thanks you

T2 is domestic except Qantas. T3 is Qantas domestic no jetstaa

Yes we start at YSSY, if you have any questions, look at the plan.

Hey, @GordenW, do you want to join us tonight?

Depends. I may not have time but may join from some other airport in a fighter.

Yay, so you could escort us. If you can make it, what aircraft and gate do you want (you can join us from YSSY in the Fighter if you want)

I doubt I have time for YSSY. YSRI is Richmond raaf so I come from there.

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Why not? I’ll see you there anyway, I better set a cruise altitude.

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So the gates will be located in terminal 2

What do you mean

Boeing 787-9 at gate 10

Gate 11 787-9, but I might not be able to come.

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