[closed] Air New Zealand celebration flight @ YSSY - 130930ZAUG16

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY

Time: 0930Z- 1030Z

NOTAM: Come in aircraft with new Air New Zealand liverys (ex. Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787-9)

Come for a fun flight around the Sydney region celebrating the new Air New Zealand liverys! If you have any suggestions for flight plans, let me know.

Gate list:

Gate 1: @Potato_pilot - Boeing 787-9
Gate 2: @UM-OK
Gate 3: @sk28
Gate 4: @Mix56awesome - Boeing 777-300ER
Gate 5: @cathay
Gate 6: @trantram001 - Boeing 787-9
Gate 7: @abdul_jabbar - Boeing 777-300ER
Gate 8: @FirstOfficerJonas - Boeing 787-9
Gate 9: @Osman_Mohamed - Boeing 787-9
Gate 10: TheBigBadBag - Boeing 787-9
Gate 11: Kyle.Plane - Boeing 787-9
Gate 12: turkish534
Gate 13: Cem_Ce

ATC list
Ground: @GreenGuy
Tower: @GreenGuy
Departure: The_Gaming_Guy
Approach: a380fan
Centre: AdamCallow
Please let me know if you can be ATC

This is our official plan-

We will takeoff from YSSY and follow in formation for screenshots, at the following airports we will do a flyby of the runway, YSCN, YOAS (Feel free to take screenshots) with flaps 30°, gear down and A/P off. When we arrive back at YSSY we will park at our original parks and take screenshots. Feel free to post your screenshots here!
Event doesn’t have to be in timeframe, we will take as long as we need. This is just a rough idea.

Cruise altitude-
Cruise speed-
225 knots


Whoops, I better fix that

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Let me know if you want to come :)

I would also like to attend. Any gate.

My Flight Plan:

Gate 3 Please!

What do you mean by gate? I thought that airport only had three gate’s

Just got online. Will add your names to the list.

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Cool I’ll be there in the 777-300ER gate 4

I will be there with 787-9 for me gate 9

If this is still going ill have gate 6 please

What time is this in HK? If I I can correspond with the time, I’d love to come. Gate 5 please?

I might not sure, I’ll add your name to the list

The date has now changed!
Sorry if you can’t make it now, but I realized that I had the date wrong. If you can no longer come, please let me know.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

So who will be coming tonight?

Can you put in the flight plan, and we’ll copy it.

I am comming

Sweet, what plane and gate?

787-9 and gate 6

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If everyone coming could comment their plane along with their gate, that would be great