[CLOSED] Air Canada Virtual Airlines Presents | Cloud Surfin’ @ CYYJ - 071750ZNOV18

Welcome to ACVA’s Cloud Surfing event! We will be flying to Calgary in this awesome, scenic trip. And the best part? We get to explore Canada!

Flight Details

Server - Training Server One [TS1]

Aircraft - Embraer ERJ 175 [EBM175]
- Livery - Air Canada

Departure Airport - Victoria International Airport [CYYJ]

Flight Time - [1h 32m]

Arrival Airport - Calgary International Airport [CYYC]

Date - Wednesday - November 7th, 2018 [11/7/18]

Departure Time November 7, 2018 6:50 PM


All ACVA Pilots:

Your hours will be manually added by Nate via transfer hours. If you don’t receive them in 24 hours, pm him on slack.

  • Please Spawn in around 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time

  • Airport runway will be chosen by flight leader

  • Listen to all instructions by ATC or another ACVA pilot to ensure this event runs smoothly.

  • After you land stick around for some photos!

Flight Plan

CYYJ HUH CILLI 4909N/12107W 5023N/11608W 5032N/11527W 5035N/11515W 5036N/11509W 5037N/11503W 5040N/11451W 5042N/11439W 5046N/11434W 5048N/11430W 5055N/11420W CYYC

Cruising Speed - 290knots [M 0.70]

Cruising Altitude - 31000ft


You do not need to be in ACVA to participate on this event

01 Gate @Matei27 ACVA 145
02 Gate @N9827X
03 Gate @Rick_Mahoney ACVA 197
04 Gate @QFA_12
05 Gate @turkish534
06 Gate @savavalentin86
07 Gate Empty
08 Gate Empty
09 Gate Empty
10 Gate Empty

[No More Gates Available]

Air Canada Virtual Website:
Air Canada Virtual’s Website

Air Canada Virtual Instagram:
Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Instagram

Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.


Great job with the next ACVA event @Xpira too bad I will be at school during that time. oh well, not much I’m gonna do about it

I would join but I will be in school then. But nice event anyway @Xpira!

@Xpira is the date correct and the day wrong or is the day right and date wrong.

Date and day both look correct to me. I dont see the issue. :)

Saturday November 7th?

Yeah I just saw that. It has been fixed.

Put me in

Count me in N9827X gate 02

What is 1:50PM in Zulu?

Depends what your local time is.

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You have to convert it to your local time

Let’s say if your in EST (new York time) 1:50 pm would be 17:50Z you have to convert if from your local time in order to get the correct ZULU time ;)

I am in. ACVA197.

I just do not know what time zone the post is in

It can be 1:50PM anywhere in the world at different times. Since your having trouble converting, give me your time zone and I will do it for you.

If u don’t mind can I use west jet b737 instead

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Also can I join

Hey Canadian, want to join to your Event.

Since this is a ACVA event you should come in a A321 Aircanada livery.

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