[CLOSED] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Bye Bye Balloonchaser @ CYYZ - 041700ZAUG18

Sign me up! I will have any gate ACVA 002

We will miss you @Balloonchaser 🤝🎈
Im for sure taking a spot for this event, sign me up pls

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Hey, guys.

Just so we can keep this clean, it would be preferred if we didn’t fill this topic up with “Hey, Balloon!” or “BALLOON COME JOIN!!”

Please sign yourself up, and wait for this amazing Event! ;)


If you would like to be ATC for this event make sure you message me!

Sign me up please

Gate C27


Sign me up Please. ACVA 144

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I will be gone tommorow. @natedog508 will be the flight leader. Make sure to lisiten to him and ATC during the event.

ACVA153. Gonna see if I can join if I dont sleep to late.-Sky/NBSYT. Can I see if I can join with yall in a different plane so I can log some hours in? I’ll fly with yall but i might go to Paris or something after touching down and getting more fuel.

I think I have to sign up right?! 😂

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the beginning of the flight but I will aim to catch you towards the middle/end


Sign me up for this! And I’ll see if I can make it

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Sign me up ACVA 281!

One hour and thirty minuets until this event starts. If you need to check what the current Zulu time is you can look here.

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Wait I can’t attend I apologise

Sign me up please ACVA160

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Event in 35 minutes!

Anyone want to sign up last minute?

I probably won’t be able to come

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I’m leaving in 10 Minutes… If you want to come, sign up now

Can you sign me please

spawn at cyyz ts1. were all here