[Closed] Aeromexico Virtual & Skyteam Present: Exploring the Americas Vol.5: São Paulo @ SBBR 301700ZNOV19

Aeromexico Virtual & SkyTeam Present


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About Volume 5:

This is our fifth leg of our event series. São Paulo is the capital of the surrounding state of São Paulo, the most populous and wealthiest state in Brazil. It exerts strong international influences in commerce, finance, arts and entertainment. São Paulo is a cosmopolitan, melting pot city, home to the largest Arab, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese diasporas, with examples including ethnic neighborhoods of Mercado, Bixiga, and Liberdade respectively.

About This Series:

We are happy to introduce you to our first event series in the IFC, this series are a part of the Skyteam Event Saturdays. We will be taking you to interesting cities of the Americas in 18 legs, in which we will fly Skyteam and AMVA Codeshare liveries.

Skyteam Event Series:

This Series are a part of the Skyteam Event Saturdays. This events features a weekly rotation of events hosted by a different SkyTeamIF member VA each and every Weekend!.

Latest Event Brasilia November 10th
São Paulo November 30th
Next Event Buenos Aires December 15th

Events Map


Server: Expert
Date/Time: 2019-11-30T17:00:00Z
Flight Time: 1 hour 20 min
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 & Airbus A320
Livery: Gol & LATAM
Cruising Altitude: FL 370
Cruising Speed: M 0.78



Includes approach and departure according to the Charts.

Flight Plan provided by the Aeromexico Virtual Staff


Planned Departure Runway: 11L
Planned Arrival Runway: 09L





SBBR Airport Diagram

SBGR Airport Diagram


SBBR Gates

Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate 01 @Enrique_Fernandez AMVA01
Gate 02 @Fernando_Carbajal AMVA02
Gate 03 @ArkJr AMVA44
Gate 04 @AliAlex AMVA19
Gate 05 @Hans_Bied AMVA08
Gate 06
Gate 07
Gate 08
Gate 09
Gate 10

More gates will be added if needed

Reply via the comments section to RSVP. Please include the callsign that you plan to use during the flight along with the request, we will align you a gate as soon as possible.


This event is open to all IFC members, whether or not you’re part of Aeromexico Virtual or SkyTeamIF.

Spawn 15 minutes before the event starts.

Pilots are expected to follow all the Expert Server Rules.


Aeromexico Virtual is a proud member of the SkyTeamIF alliance, and is excited to be collaborating with them for the SkyTeam Saturdays joint event series! Click below to read more about our member VAs and join one today!

Air France-KLM Virtual (AFKLM)

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We are Air France-KLM Virtual

Established in 2017, AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Group (AFKLMVA) is among the elite virtual airlines operating inside the Infinite Flight mobile flight simulator community. In addition to legacy carriers Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airways , low-cost subsidiaries HOP! and Transavia are part of the AFKLMVA portfolio. Cargo service is provided by Air France Cargo and Martinair .

We offer mature aviation enthusiasts a well-organized Virtual Airline platform and a relaxed, friendly culture to ensure that you enjoy the journey. With 31 planes in our fleet, 319 destinations across the globe, a detailed flight operations system and a flight training academy for new pilots, plus a mix of dynamic events , we specialize in one thing and one thing only: providing the ultimate VA experience.

Visit AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Website

Delta Virtual (DLVA)


Delta Virtual officially opened behind its founder @USA007 on Dec. 26, 2016 and has soared to be one of the most active virtual airlines within the IFC. Behind the backing of an agreement with the real-world Delta Airlines, Delta Virtual has changed the VA game with a state-of-the-art website that is unlike any other on the IFC, custom built from the ground up, which provides the support for more than 175 members within a VA that has logged more flights, more flying miles, and more flying time than any other VA, hands down. Join Delta Virtual here today!

Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc. All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.

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Korean Air Virtual (KAVA)

Founded January 2019, we are a group of aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots and real life captains that love flying on the Infinite Flight platform. We strive to be the best, most active and most professional airline within Infinite Flight, and promise our pilots weekly events, fly outs and many other exciting opporutnities. We are also a proud member of the Skyteam Virtual Alliance, engaging our pilots with thousands of extra codeshare routes.

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Garuda Indonesia Virtual (GAVA)


We are Garuda Indonesia Virtual.

Founded by @Ozzy [AFKLM159] in May of 2019, and given IFVARB approval on the 17th June 2019, Garuda Indonesia Virtual was created to give some love and attention to the under-appreciated Southeast Asia region in Infinite Flight, and it has done just that.

Now, several months on, Garuda Indonesia Virtual has a small but active community of fun loving, mature, and professional pilots. With aircraft in our fleet ranging from the tiny CRJ-1000, all the way up to the largest twin-engined commercial aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER, 250+ routes spanning each inhabited continent, an easy flight logging system, pilot training courses with our Pilot Coordinator, plus a mix of fun and well-organised events, what’s stopping you from joining?

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If you are a future VA CEO and you’re interested in taking the helm of a SkyTeam VA, contact IFVARB to get started. Once approved, we’ll help you build your platform, share resources, and harness the collective power of IF’s leading VAs to help you thrive!


We want to invite you to discover new horizons, in one of the most important airlines. Live your dream, in a professional team, where every day you’ll learn and become a virtual aviator, as well as one more member of this aviation family.

We give great importance to our events as we like to fly with all the pilots and give them great experiences with our amazing routes, We promise to produce spectacular events!

Apply Here!

IFC: @aeromexicovirtual
Email: amvirtualairline@gmail.com
Website: https://amvirtualairline.wixsite.com/aeromexicova



Give me a gate please AMVA44

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@ArkJr Gate 03 is yours, enjoy!

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Please can I have a gate? AMVA 19 and I’ll fly the LATAM A320

Give me some gate AMVA08 GOL +

@AliAlex @Hans_Bied Now you have a gate, thanks for coming guys!

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Reserve me a gate please, AMVA41, i will fly with a B737 GOL+

Hey, something came up and I can’t attend today unfortunately. Have a great flight!

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