[Closed] Aeromexico Boeing 777 Event @ KLAX - 041200ZSEPT15

This is an event when you have to Takeoff from Runway 25R. The rule is you have to go to KSAN and land on Runway 09. When you finish, Go back to KLAX and land on Runway 25L, 25R. If those runways are unavailable, Just use the other runways.

-Must be in Free Flight

-Must be in a Boeing 777-200ER
[Time changed]
-Start time: PST: September 4 5:00 AM
Zulu: September 4 12:00 PM
EST: September 4 8:00 AM

-End time: PST: September 5 10:00 PM
Zulu: September 6 5:00 AM
EST September 6 1:00 AM

-Must spawn at KLAX on Terminals 7 and 6

-Must Takeoff KLAX Runway 25R and land on KSAN Runway 09

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Congrats on being one of the only people that got the topic title format right on your first try ;)


I’m waiting for the day ;)


8:00 am ok I’ll try but I’ll be Atc to practice since there are going to be many aircraft and after I’ll join In on flying :)

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Ok but it is not tommorow. It is on Wednesday

You would be lucky to land on runway 09. You need to land runway 27 cuase winds rarley blow out west i should prbably flag this topic

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Not necessary, it does not violate community guidelines. Also, @Diego_JM said

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Ok i womt flag it

Haha @Blackbird71 is saying that he should flag it becuase everyone was getting his posts taken down so he was making a joke

It sucks how i cant saw anything with out some tree huggers flagging it. They shouldnt even have an account if they get pissed off that easily

Maybe you should’ve have an account if all you do is complain and argue with people.

I made a new quote in my bio just for you

I’ll be there😀

The event has started! I am in the Southern California region flying to KSAN.

I’ll pop my head in for a bit too. Not managed to get to an event so far!

So this event …is really almost two days…and only the 737-700 Aeromexico livery is allowed ?

Yes. But nobody had came to my event yet. But only me and the owner of the alaska event went in ATC playground going from Seattle to Portland.

Well, l will be there before 11:30 EDT…after my old Nexus 7 is fully charged…l will try to make two runs back and forth…if the ATC guys are still around…see you soon