[CLOSED] Aerial Refueling @ EGVN - 232200ZJUN16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: London Region

Airport: EGVN RAF Brize Norton

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: So this is the first event Iv done and I’m trying to make it a good one! Come and put your flying skills to the test with this challenge of simulating an aerial Refueling operation. This is in the free got server for obvious reasons let’s see who can hold there nerve and try and successfully stay in the correct position. Feel free to take screenshots and feel free to use whatever aircraft you like, military preferred but it’s free flight let’s make it fun!

If someone is really keen to the globemaster for a while please comment below and if it goes on for a while and there is enough we could have two In the pattern!

Please during the event can we show abit of courtesy and if you see someone currently refuelling don’t try and get on top of them just wait your turn.

I will post a flight plan shortly :)



Nice idea! Will you be using the A330 generic livery as the tanker?

And the guy flying the huge aircraft has AP to guide him lol

Just edited, going for the globemaster, a massively underused aircraft in IF so let’s give it some use!

If your feeling brave you can go for a Globemaster to Globemaster refuel!

@Maxmustang something you might be interested in!

Like the idea. A330 would be my choice. I’m biased.

Let’s get a Voyager livery for the 330


More than welcome to fly it as one of the Refueling tanker, got over 24 hours to get it organised so let’s have some input :)


Below is the route that is going to be taken, obviously not stuck too on the line but that’s the rough idea.

Doing some research and the general procedure is flying at FL25 “25,000 ft” of a speed of 235knts (airspeed)

I’ve a great idea (though I won’t really be attending)

One guy flies the C-17 and one guy flies the A330, each takes one direction (clockwise/anticlockwise)

How’s this idea?


Sounds good aslong as there is a good seperation, could work!

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Thanks Steve… See you at hookup. (A-10/Zulu007). Max Sends


Awful Fast for the Boom or Drogue. Recommend 235kts tops. Max Sends


Okay will change it 👍🏻

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When is the event London time. I’ll like to join the controllers or fly. Either way! am sure it would be cool

@Temidayo_Ekundayo the event is at 21:00 in London time, it’s a free flight server event so there will be no air traffic control just flying.

Oh yes that is true. Thanks.

I have a little question tho for everyone. The event times i see on my IF live time table are in what time zone

I’m gonna try to make this. Can’t decide on what plane to use though.

I am a c17 pilot

Then you can fly the C17 if you want, we need one person to be the Refueling aircraft so that can be you :)