[closed]Aer Lingus St Patrick's Day Flight @ EHAM - 171730ZMAR17

from now on any other want to join spawn at B95, 94, 93, (have a look at the terminal plan here!) thanks…I won’t read any messages till landing!:) happy flight and landing!:)

nice skies for most of the way. thanks for organising. happy st patricks everyone! ☘️🍀🍻🇮🇪🤘

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Sorry I couldn’t make it at the start. But I did pay some people a visit near the end 😉


In behalf of AER LINGUS VA, @Bruno_Latour and the @IFSFG thank you all for coming and making this event very special! Amsterdam Region’s sky were all Shamrocked :-) I’ll share screenshots in a while, please do the same (also in IFSFG, Aer Lingus VA, IFFG etc…)

Hope to see you soon!

Ronny Martin - IFSFG CEO





Thanks for the pics but mainly for this nice relaxed event.
Stupidly… I crashed on final !!!
It was nice to see the “plane-train” on map view.
I am looking forward to a new gathering, cheers, DUDAIR.

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