[closed]Aer Lingus St Patrick's Day Flight @ EHAM - 171730ZMAR17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Amsterdam

Take-Off Airport: EHAM Amsterdam

Landing Airport: ETHM Mendig

Time: 1730Z

Aircrafs: A321 Aer Lingus + A330 generic

Cruising Altitude: FL160

Cruising Speed: 280kts

Leading Aircraft: Bruno Latour - AER LINGUS VA CEO / Shamrock 119

Callsign: Shamrock …

Parkings: B13, 15, 16, 17, 20, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 32, 35, 36

IFSFG organise this Event for the certified IF AER LINGUS VA

Please come in and celebrate with us this year’s St Patrick’s Day with Aer Lingus!

Please follow all rules and ATC Instructions. Be respectful and have fun! After landing we’ll stay together at the gates to take some screenshots.

The CEO of AER LINGUS VA, @Bruno_Latour and @IFSFG hope to see you all there!

//@RonnyMartin - IFSFG CEO
//@Zakariya_Zakariya - IFSFG COO
//@Moiz_Khan - Event Manager


Can I pls join…


Sure! take parking B16 :)

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Thank you…will be there tomorrow


see you tomorrow Buddy!

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I want to join too please, thank you


16 @Abhishek_Vij
17 @Milen_Jacob
20 @Anush_Taggar
23 @Ar_Valencia
24 @RonnyMartin
27 @Stuart_Kennedy
28 Cam Bornand
31 David Calix
32 @Jules_GNINKOUN
35 @Bruno_Latour
36 Stefan Engelhart


youve got a parking for you ;)

Why you don’t want me to fly?;-)

Oh never mind I can’t show up. Sorry! :(

wish there was a map of Ireland on such an occassion 😊
hope to make it


Yes sure, but soon there will be ;-) are you joining us?

Oh I’m sorry :-( next time perhaps…check also our other events ;-)

hope to make it. yes pls put me down for a gate-tx

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Ok take B 13, pls confirm if you come or not as soon as you know it!:)

Hi Ronny

I hope that it is still time to join…
Callsign : DUDAIR
Also, is there a flight plan ?
Thanks in advance and see you in the air.


Yes sure welcome :)
Copy the flight plan from @Bruno_Latour
I’ll assign you a gate now

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Add me please thanks

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I’ll be there in an A321!

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joining now…