[Closed] AER LINGUS Event by IFSFG @ EHAM - 282200APR17

Server: Training Server

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EHAM

Time: 2200Z

Aircraft: Any Aer Lingus

Gate: C04 to C18

NOTAM: Hello Pilots! Today, We will fly from Schiphol (EHAM) to Norvenich Ab (ETNN). Flight plan will be provided, just copy it from CEO of the VA Captain Bruno Latour! See you guys soon and enjoy this flight!

Event created by IFSFG for AER LINGUS VA (CEO @Bruno_Latour)

//Ronny - IFSFG CEO
//Zakariya - IFSFG COO

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@RonnyMartin plz don’t change the title. I have put it in the correct format

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thanks I’ve forgotten the Dash apparently :)

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