[Closed] Advanced ATC @ PARIS

Server: *ATC Advanced server *

Region: *Paris *

Airport: Any

Time: 12:15Z


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Why do you do this when I am in school?

WHY? :)

Anyway, enjoy!

Nicer when all the kids are in school 😜


Wait, how can you have your phone out in school???

I go on the forums at school. We have to have iPads so when I get spare time on it

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Dam, not allowed phones on in school otherwise a detention, but people just go into the toilet and use them

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Yeh phones at my school aren’t really aloud but some people don’t care. Let’s stay on topic now ;)


I’m actually at “work” 0.o

So, right now we have only 2 flights :
IFATC Jared on final at LFPC,
And me, flying LFOA-LFPG

That is very sad

And now its only me 😓

Atc now in Florida

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@anon66442947 should teach you about that Lewis :)

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Why not the Sydney region :(

We’re allowed to use them at lunch and when we need to do a practice quiz on them