[CLOSED]] Advanced ATC @ London

Server: *ATC Advanced

Region: london

Airport: All

Time: 0900z

NOTAM: Advanced atc throughout london

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So there’s advanced atc all through London?

@JDE1303 pls dont be smart :p


Should be soon, as soon as we get it kicked off

What do you mean don’t be smart?

idk, i thought like atc through London

I just wanted to check there will be atc soon that’s all.

We have Birmingham heathrow and gatwick at the min

I’m coming !

What kind of event is this or is it an announcement that ATC services are available in Advance server? I don’t get it :/

It’s Really just an announcement, category ha changed to atc instead of events

I’ll be there soon! :)

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Don’t forget to include [CLOSED] tag after closing :)

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