[Closed] Advanced ATC @ KASE

Come down for some patterns or for a flight :D


Now closed … Thanks to the people who came :)

Now open :)

Now closed.

Now open !

Some day you’ll be able to make up your mind. I’m sure of it!

I would come, but I’m controlling. Maybe in a bit.

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Can you open kpub strong wind there :)

Self note: f:22 is not good at recovering from low speeds…

You have a very public “self note”

Its gonna be all over the news, “Pilot turns base, launches missiles and stalls”


Thanks for the service Dawud. Every time I do F-22 patterns, my Frame Rate gets worse and worse until I get to my 1FPS and I can’t land and crash:/ Thanks!

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I’ll be known as the Air Canada who stopped one of you two from landing. Hope it was a nice go around ;)

Now closed.

Thanks to everyone who came.

No problem Zachary :)


Sorry I couldn’t open it since I had a lot of traffic. Maybe next time or later on.

I am happy that you didn’t make a new post every time you opened! :)

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