(CLOSED) Adelaide Fly-Out @ YPAD- 162200ZDEC18


Can I have gate 13 with the Qantas 737-800 to YMML?


@Captain_Ahmed I cant give you gate 50B because it is a commercial gate. You have Cargo Apron 85.

@esant_15 As you requested, you have gate 13.

See you both there!


Hey can i change to a Jetstar A320 heading through to Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast)


I’ll change my aircraft to the VA 737, cheers.


Alright. Both of your aircraft and one of your destinations has been changed.


very sorry can i change to a singapore 777 heading to WSSS


Done! And thats OK, I don’t mind! :)



Please check your PM’s. I have sent out a group PM so we can all communicate throughout the event.


To make this event more like real world operations, I have switched the gate assignments around a little. The following people have had their gate changed:

@esant_15 You now have gate 25

@QantasAviator You now have gate 14L

I now have gate 13

All other gate assignments remain unchanged.

Thanks! :)


When is this again?




The event is 1 week away! We currently have:

  • 1 gate left capable of holding a 737 or A320!

  • 10 gates left capable of holding a turboprop or CRJ!

Grab a gate while they are available!


The event is getting closer and closer! With plenty of gates still available! Grab one before they are gone!


Awesome, this is so close!

More people!


Yes Please!!!

The more the merrier!


I want as many people as possible to come! Let’s try to fill this event! Gate requests close 30 minutes before the event starts!

Remember that this event is at: 2018-12-15T23:00:00Z


The Event is TOMORROW! Remember, gate requests close 30 minutes before the event starts! Let’s try and fill this event!


We Still Have 12 gates available! Let’s try and fill at least some of them!


I hope it is not too late but I did a few chores to get a sub so I could atttend! Could I please have any sutiable gate for a Tiger A320 (Its actually an A319 😡) to good ol’ Brisbane.


Sure thing! You have gate 24. See you there!