(CLOSED) Adelaide Fly-Out @ YPAD- 162200ZDEC18


I will have Gate 18R
Aircraft: Singapore Airlines 787-10

Thanks for making the event!


Sorry for the late replies everyone, I was on school camp. You will be added aoon. 😁


Okay. Here are the gate assignments:

@QantasAviator You have gate 25

@Cwilliams21 You have gate 26L

@Matthew_20204 You have gate 16R

@Muhammad_Shairazi Gate 18R is already taken so you have gate 22R

See you all there!


ALL Widebody gates are now full


I may not be able to attend but let just make sure


Sweet! I’ll sign up! I’ll go with you AviationMad and @QantasAviator to the Sunshine Coast! If the Virgin Australia 737 is out by then, I’ll still fly to Sunny Coast, I probably would have flown the VA 737 a lot by then.

Callsign: Sandwich


Okay! You have gate 12L. Thanks for signing up and see you there! 😀


Looks great. I’ll take a GA apron! Will fly the TBM to Mildura. 🙂


Okay! You have GA Apron 01. Thanks for signing up and see you there!😁


Sorry can’t make it


That’s ok. I’ll remove you from the list. This means that there is 1 Widebody gate available.


It’s the 1st of December! At least where I am That means that there is not counting today 15 days until the event. Grab a gate while they are available!



Unfortunately, @Ash_Rand has had to pull out of providing ATC for this event. If there is anyone available to provide ATC, please let me know ASAP via PM or through this thread!

Thanks everyone!


I’d like to have gate 16R with Qatari B788


OK! As you requested, you have gate 16R to I assume Doha. See you there!


Yes Doha but first I make a stop in Jakarta Indonesia


Can I do atc pls


Sure! Can you provide Tower and Ground?


Thank you


heyyo can i get a atr-130 egyptian force to WSSS ? thanks