(CLOSED) Adelaide Fly-Out @ YPAD- 162200ZDEC18


Welcome to my First Ever Event! I am hosting an Adelaide Fly-Out. I would love for you to come!

Server: Training

Airport: YPAD

Time: December 15, 2018 11:00 PM


There will be ATC provided by @AviationJack . Act in a professional way

Be respectful towards others

No Trolling

Struggling to think of a Route? Click this link: https://www.flightradar24.com/airport/adl/departures

Or This one: https://www.adelaideairport.com.au/flight-information/flight-search/?flt_no=&carrier=All&city=&dte=Current&leg=Departures


Remote Apron 02: Turboprop/CRJ Gate @Brave_pilot CRJ 200 to Newcastle
Remote Apron 02A: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Remote Apron 03A: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Remote Apron 1: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 12L: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @ET_Mavic VA 737 to YBSU
Gate 13: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @AviationMad Virgin Australia 737 to YBSU me
Gate 14L: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @Lachy_R VA 737 to YMML
Gate 16R: Widebody Aircraft Gate @Abel_Kocsis Qatar A380 to OTHH via Jakarta
Gate 18R: Widebody Aircraft Gate: @Pilotcorn09 Cathay A333 to VHHH
Gate 20R: Widebody Aircraft Gate: @Adelaide_Aviation Singapore 777 to WSSS
Gate 22R: Widebody Aircraft Gate @Muhammad_Shairazi Singapore 787 to WSSS
Gate 23: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate: @luwest Qantas 737-800 to YSSY via YMML
Gate 24: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate: @Ash_Rand Tigerair A319 to YBBN
Gate 25: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @esant_15 Qantas 737 to YMML
Gate 26L: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @Cwilliams21 Qantas 737 to YBBN
Gate 50A: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50B: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50C: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50D: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50F: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50G: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
GA Apron 01:
Cargo Apron 85 @Captain_Ahmed C130 to WSSS

I hope to see you there!

Infinite Flight Community Event List Pt.2


Great event, can I please have gate 18R with Cathay Pacific A333 please.


You have been added. See you there!



Any general aviation spots available?


I can give you GA Apron 01!



I would like to have;

Gate: Gate 23

Aircraft: Qantas 737-800

Destination: YSSY via YMML


You have been added. See you there!


There has now been a time change and the event is now an hour later at 2200Z


So what time is it in AEST? (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Also if you press the settings icon while creating a post, and press the ‘insert date’ it will help out everyone

November 20, 2018 3:23 AMNovember 20, 2018 5:00 AM

^ just an example


It is 9AM (AEST). However I know that Queensland is not doing Daylight Saving so for you it would be 8am.


2200Z is this time: December 16, 2018 11:00 PM


Just to clear any confusion: the time of the event is: December 15, 2018 11:00 PM

Google got it wrong.


Thanks for the notice! And BTW, your welcome


Just found this count me in! This is my home town so route is easy ;) i will do YPAD to NZAA Thanks!


Gate 20R thanks


You have been added. See you there!

What aircraft do you plan to fly?


air new zealand 787 - 9


Love to come, will hopefully fly the VA 737 if it comes before the event, otherwise it’ll be a Jetstar A320 heading up to the Sunny Coast.


I will do a flight to Brisbane in the Virgin 737 if it comes out if not a Qantas 737
Great event


Can i get Gate 16R for Emirates 777 to Dubai