(CLOSED) Adelaide Fly-Out @ YPAD- 162200ZDEC18


Welcome to my First Ever Event! I am hosting an Adelaide Fly-Out. I would love for you to come!

Server: Training

Airport: YPAD

Time: December 15, 2018 11:00 PM


There will be ATC provided by @AviationJack . Act in a professional way

Be respectful towards others

No Trolling

Struggling to think of a Route? Click this link: https://www.flightradar24.com/airport/adl/departures

Or This one: https://www.adelaideairport.com.au/flight-information/flight-search/?flt_no=&carrier=All&city=&dte=Current&leg=Departures


Remote Apron 02: Turboprop/CRJ Gate @Brave_pilot CRJ 200 to Newcastle
Remote Apron 02A: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Remote Apron 03A: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Remote Apron 1: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 12L: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @Mavic VA 737 to YBSU
Gate 13: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @AviationMad Virgin Australia 737 to YBSU me
Gate 14L: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @LachyRobertson VA 737 to YMML
Gate 16R: Widebody Aircraft Gate @Abel_Kocsis Qatar A380 to OTHH via Jakarta
Gate 18R: Widebody Aircraft Gate: @Pilotcorn09 Cathay A333 to VHHH
Gate 20R: Widebody Aircraft Gate: @Charles_L Singapore 777 to WSSS
Gate 22R: Widebody Aircraft Gate @Muhammad_Shairazi Singapore 787 to WSSS
Gate 23: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate: @luwest Qantas 737-800 to YSSY via YMML
Gate 24: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate: @Ash_Rand Tigerair A319 to YBBN
Gate 25: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @esant_15 Qantas 737 to YMML
Gate 26L: Single Aisle Aircraft Gate @Cwilliams21 Qantas 737 to YBBN
Gate 50A: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50B: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50C: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50D: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50F: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
Gate 50G: Turboprop/CRJ Gate
GA Apron 01:
Cargo Apron 85 @Captain_Ahmed C130 to WSSS

I hope to see you there!



Great event, can I please have gate 18R with Cathay Pacific A333 please.

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You have been added. See you there!

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Any general aviation spots available?

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I can give you GA Apron 01!


I would like to have;

Gate: Gate 23

Aircraft: Qantas 737-800

Destination: YSSY via YMML

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You have been added. See you there!

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There has now been a time change and the event is now an hour later at 2200Z

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So what time is it in AEST? (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Also if you press the settings icon while creating a post, and press the ‘insert date’ it will help out everyone

November 20, 2018 3:23 AMNovember 20, 2018 5:00 AM

^ just an example

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It is 9AM (AEST). However I know that Queensland is not doing Daylight Saving so for you it would be 8am.


2200Z is this time: December 16, 2018 11:00 PM

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Just to clear any confusion: the time of the event is: December 15, 2018 11:00 PM

Google got it wrong.

Thanks for the notice! And BTW, your welcome

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Just found this count me in! This is my home town so route is easy ;) i will do YPAD to NZAA Thanks!


Gate 20R thanks

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You have been added. See you there!

What aircraft do you plan to fly?

air new zealand 787 - 9

Love to come, will hopefully fly the VA 737 if it comes before the event, otherwise it’ll be a Jetstar A320 heading up to the Sunny Coast.

I will do a flight to Brisbane in the Virgin 737 if it comes out if not a Qantas 737
Great event

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Can i get Gate 16R for Emirates 777 to Dubai

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