[CLOSED]ACVA Flash Event @MMDO - 011930ZAUG18

Due to the recent events involving the aeromexico aircraft ACVA have decided to honour the crash victims and people involved in the response by holding a honoury event


Departing Runway: 03
Landing Runway/Runways: 05L and 05R

We Aim to have ATC open on both airports/fields on most frequencies please pm @OC212 if you are interested

Event Details:

Server: Training Server

Starting Airport: MMDO

Ending Airpiort: MMMX

Event Date: 1/8/18

Event Time: -1930Z

Flight Plan:

MMDO 2408N/10431W XOLGA 2309N/10304W ZCL 2244N/10231W GABLI HORTA QET TIKEB
2010N/9935W SL303 SLM SMO MMMX

Flight Time: 1:08

Altitude: 37,000ft

Speed: Under 10,000ft 250Knts, Cruse 0.79


Gate 01:@Xpira
Gate 02:@OC212
Gate 03: @Lorne_V_Littlejohn
Gate 04: @Sebastian9915
FBO 02: @2003iggy
FBO 03: @Alex_Lopresti
FBO 04: @Nolan_56
FBO 05: @AZA.DAL.610
FBO 07: @Sants

More Gates Can Be Added


CRJ-900 - Air Canada Livery

737-700 - Aeromexico Livery

Note: for ACVA members to get flight hours you must use the CRJ-900

Helped by: And helped by Owen Castelli [ACVA Head of Development]

To become a member you can join us at our website here.


Gate 3 please thanks

You got it. Your in! :)

I’ll take a spot

Tower and Ground at both airport please

PM please Leon ,

ACVA153 737-700 which ever gate. It feels easier to fly that plane. It’s the first plane I flew on Infinite Flight

Ok you guys all have a gate now.

How long is the flight?

Flight time is around 1h 10min

Sign me up please - ACVA258

Read the whole topic next time. πŸ˜‰

My brain has been dead all day xD


Los Angeles what time event start

The event starts at 1930z

Mean 1 hours left???

2 hours left until the event!

Ill join in. Give me FBO 04. Callsign Southwest 56.

And if i did the zulu conversion online, it would be 2:30 central time in US?

For future reference, please use the proper formatting for events which can be found here


Casual server please