[CLOSED]Active Ground and Tower ATC @EGBB TS1

My attempt at giving ATC.
Runway 33 for Arrivals and Departures.

Feedabck much appriciated

I am Ground and Tower, approach is not me


I’ll come Air Force 3 16 👍

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• Good job holding me short for N1JR
• On my first cycle, you cleared me too late - you should clear me on downwind and then tell me to extend downwind and/or you’ll call my base.
• Don’t tell me “I’ll call your base” and then right away tell me to “Turn Base”. I have to listen even if you don’t tell me that you’ll call it. Normally the “I’ll call your base” message is used on downwind to make sure pilots don’t cut it tight
Overall, great job!


Didn’t see you open. Coming for some patterns.

Edit: sorry about that intersection dep

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Yeh I pressed the wrong button that’s why the base issue sorry about that

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Overall you did pretty well. I just want to point a few things out.

-Make sure you don’t forget to clear aircraft for the option/to land I should have gone around the first time because I was not cleared for the option but that’s my bad.

-When you have a smaller aircraft and a larger aircraft doing pattern work in this case I was in the C172 and there was a 737. The 737 is faster so it will have a longer downwind leg and the C172 is much slower and will usually have a short downwind. So I would suggest having one aircraft make left traffic and the other make right traffic. This will keep things flowing a bit better.

I am not an on the IFATC team so it’s kind of hard for me to give feedback that’s clear and will really help but I did my best! But just keep practicing and hopefully I can see you controlling on the expert server soon;)

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Thank you! Yes I saw that on the first one kinda helped that you did land and not go around! Understood

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Pretty good, just a few things:

  • A sequence behind the guy on final would’ve made the need for the base calling obsolete.
  • You forgot to call my base.
  • If you cleared me for the option and I tell you I’m on final for a full stop, you don’t have to re-clear me.
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When you are done with ATC please put [Closed] in your title.

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Will be re-open shortly!

Open again let’s try and stay open now!!

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That was a good 30 min session. Thanks to the people that actually listened. Surprised to be having grade 3’s and 4’s not following instructions??

Should be re-opened somewhere else later!

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