[Closed] Active ATC @ WMBT PG

Hello! Please join for a spectacular flight in Singapore! Challenge your piloting skills, as you land at one of the worlds most dangerous runways! It’s on the PG server. I just want to practice ATC! I have to change the airport, due to not pilots not following instructions.

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Sorry, I would love to join but my live subscription just expired.

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Aww. That’s too bad.

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Yup. But I plan to get a new subscription soon😉

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@Furtive_masstwofourf, @Nicholas_L, @Plane_Masta, @Pilot8, @Patrick_U, @Tecnam2TA, @Benedict_Thompson1, @Bulba, @Joe, want to join?

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Phone dead. Unable to help this time around.

Okay, I will be open for quite some time!

Sure I’ll stop by.

Report that Virgin Guys! Guys, he is not following instructions!

He doesn’t listen! I told him to hold short!

Sorry I had to run.

I was speedbird 880.

I think, in my humble opinion, when you told me to back taxi you could have also send the jersey 274 and shuttle out as well and got them to hold on the loop ready to go straight after me.

However, other than that thanks for the service :)

Edit: and sorry to the other two, I happened to spawn at stand 24 which is right next to the runway entry point, I wasn’t intended to push in front and would have been quite happy to wait for you both to go in front of me.

Yes, I was too focused on the Virgin guy. He was not following instructions. He was doing whatever he wanted, so I had to tell him instructions, which he deliberately disobeyed.

Ah sorry, I didn’t see him/her, must have appeared after I went.

Yes. Please join us at WMBT, I promise, it will be better!

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@Furtive_masstwofourf, @Nicholas_L, @Plane_Masta, @Pilot8, @Patrick_U, @Tecnam2TA, @Benedict_Thompson1, @Bulba, @Joe, want to join?

Oh sorry. I would come but I’m not home at the moment.

when are we going in?

When you want …

and why not? (: