[Closed] Active ATC @ TNCM (Training server 2)

Hey! I am practicing my ATC! Just come on down! Please follow my instructions, and if you here a check help pages, report the pilot who is fooling around! Thanks!

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@zbelle, wanna join?

About to eat lunch, but I’ll check in for a few in a bit if you’re still around.

Okay, which country are you from?


It is about 1355 right now.

Oh, you’re from Hawaii! Nice!

Eh, just on Holiday unfortunately but yeah!

So far we have @g100m & @AR_AR here, hopefully we can get a couple more!

Hey what’s up guys!

Come join!

trying to get some people to come


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Still there?

he is there all right

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Tried to test him, but it kind of backfired lol, since I got a “Please Check Help Pages whit ATC Instructions” lmao.


i want to join into yourz group please help me in, im new on this game, i really love aviation and i want to play online with you, im dominican.

@PlanesForLife do you want a feedback about your atc performance?

No. But people kept PMing me, so why not.

You did a excellent job controlling man your really good. :)đź‘Ť

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Thanks. Of course, some ignorant and snarly people are complaining!

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