I am opening up MMTJ Tower in the SoCal region for about an hour. Come and do some pattern work if you’d like! Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Coming in a few minutes! I’ll be in a Delta 767.

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Do stay, I’m coming along with @henrik


Feedback from my side

  • Late sequencing
  • Un-needed ‘Ill call your base’
  • Too tight sequencing, @Wolff_Stolk had to go-around because of me
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Other than what Dush said, it was great. Thanks for the service!

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to practice my ATC skills to improve in the areas you said. Thanks @Henrik and @dush19 for coming! As well as @Kyle_Gabriel_Pelegri and @Wolff_Stolk :)

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You were great! Although I forgot I was doing a touch and go then I ended up using my reverse thrusters. -_-

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