[Closed] Active ATC @ KVCV TS1

Hey guys, I’m currently ATC @ KVCV, come and fly! Feedback appreciated. :)

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coming now. I’ll be N379TE in a Super Decathlon.

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@Boodz_G went away for 2 secs and all of a sudden it’s flying like crazy.

Don’t tell me to check help pages.

When you see an aircraft like a spitfire flying tight patterns, don’t make them follow an airliner who’s on base near the top of the cone.

I easily could’ve gotten 2 maybe even 3 more touch and goes in before that airliner even turned final. He was going 160 knots on base…

As a controller you need to realize this stuff, and try to accommodate to everyone. If this means fitting in more pattern work for the aircraft before an arrival, do it if it’s manageable. You get more ops and the pilot gets more pattern work in. Win win for everyone.

Other than that you did fine. But don’t tell an aircraft to exit the runway when they’ve just touched down and are still going 135KTS. Give them time to slow down at least.


Even though you’re right, you should always follow ATC instructions, I sequenced you to follow that airliner, you do not just ignore my instructions and turn. I’ll keep what you said in mind. Thanks for coming.

Hear hear on this too.

I wasn’t flying for very long, but I liked what you did.

Please excuse my flying and taxing, I’m terrible at flying GA aircraft :/

Im not able right now, Im going tho Hawaii, sorry.

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I told you “this is not a taxiway” yet you say sorry and instead of turning around you go thru the grass. If you see that you couldn’t fly nor taxi the GA you were in, maybe you shouldn’ve changed into an other aircraft then.

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