[Closed] Active ATC @ KVCV TS

Come and do pattern work.


I will come

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Give me 10 minutes

You still there @Boodz_G? Im coming now …

Changed to KVCV.

Yeah i noticed , on my way now to do some pattern work :)

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I Will come

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I’m having connection issues.

Now active again.

Will come- Speedbird 117

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I like this airport, wish it had more traffic

Yeah sorry only saw this now , i left as i couldn’t understand why i wasn’t getting clearance for takeoff ! Will come next time ;)

I was busy sequencing and giving clearance, I eventually cleared you for takeoff, didn’t I?

No this was earlier , when the server when all crazy …

Boodz: nice work, BTW why u telling me turn base within 2nm?

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Since you were making tight patterns, I told you to turn base early to avoid collision with landing traffic on runway 35.

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