Hop over to KSEA on TS1 now cause I’ll be controlling. Come over and do whatever you like, patterns etc…
I will take tower and ground.
Serious pilots only. I will be open for half an hour at least, maybe more.
See you there!


G’day @ewanfleming
Callsign: JQ 99 21
Watch all the ATC tutorials. Try and understand them and if need be contact a IFATC trainer if you require help understanding or you are hoping to become IFATC one day.

feel free to PM myself for detailed feedback.

Sam Keast
IFATC Trainer



You instructed me to line up and wait. You could have just cleared me for takeoff because the other aircraft was already airbone.

Then you told me to enter left downwind runway 16L. There is nothing wrong about that but why have you instructed me that? There was no traffic so try to use every runways and it is cool to see parralel arrivals ;)

You told me “I’ll call your base”. Why? There was no traffic…

You forgot to give me a sequence also because I was number 2.
Also after I annonced that I will do a full stop you recleared me. It wasn’t needed because you cleared me for the option.

I am looking foward to come to an another ATC practise session of yours!

Avon Fitzgerald
IFATC Specialist
Air France 001

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I’ll drop by now providing you’re still open.

EDIT: Internet is doing my head in.

Nice good help

Il es relou avec ces trucs lui

Hey man, just a couple pointers that I’d like to give from my experiences with IFATC controllers:

There’s no need to spam me with commands about my next move. Just make left traffic, then later possibly turn base or just cleared for the option, then make laft traffic. Trust the pilot, especially on Expert! However, the “I’ll call your base” when there were quite a few planes in front was good, many TS1 pilots tend to just cut or rush ahead so I felt that that was a good use of the command.

Maybe try having a set runway for approaches and departures? You first directed me onto 16C then later told me to go to 16L, which could have been used for traffic waiting to take off in a busy airport situation.

You could be a little faster with the runway commands. This is just nitpicking though, I understand that you would have to scroll through the menus since you had just started the session.

Either than that, just go watch all the ATC tutorials and you should be good to go!

Hope to see you in IFATC :)

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@Iggydang @Cpt_FITZGERALD thanks for the feedback.
I’ve received two totally different things about the I’ll call you’re base, but I understand what I should have done.

Apologies for the changing runways a lot. I had so many Pilots requesting runway changes that I kept changing my mind about which one I should use.

Sorry for forgetting sequencing, and occasionally clearing for landing instead of the option - that was just me being a bit forgetful.

I’ll make sure to remember this when controlling in the future!


basically, if people are sequenced and there is no/little traffic they will follow into a nice neat line and you can clear them all and it’s great, but sometimes you need to call people’s base if they have a faster plane, though i find “extend downwind” more useful. If someone is remaining in the pattern don’t give them pattern instructions as they are already flying one

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Cheers for the feedback!

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