[Closed] Active ATC @ KNUQ [PG]

I am controlling KNUQ please come by and do some remaining in the patterns
Region:San Fransisco
Couple of things i would like to say
1-Please follow instructions
2-Request permission to cross runway before crossing
3-Make sure that you’re call sign starts with IF so i know you came from here ! :)
4-Have Fun !

On my way!

Thanks ! :)

How long will you be active for? I’ll try to come by

I’ll be in an Air Canada A330

Alright! :))))

Probably an hour and 30 mins :)!

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Perfect… I’ll be there in 30 mins with an American A321

Alrighty ! Am wating

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Come to KNUQ

Change of plans KNUQ not KSFO

Nice controlling!

  • That fighter behind me: next time tell him to make a 360! He was too close to me
  • Make sure you get your runways correct when trying to give instructions or sequences

1-I can’t tell him make a left/right 360 as he was to close so he had to go around i dont even know why did he just stay to close to you
2-did i mistake in sequence/clearence ?

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You just got runway 32R and 32L mixed up sometimes. It happens…but just make sure you get them correct

Alright.Thanks for passing by :)

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Should I come?

Well come go ahead

Closing in 3 mins

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