I’ve opened over at KCGX in the Chicago region. Tower and ground. Why not come over? Feedback appreciated.


Overall good, but there weren’t enough planes to really see your skill level. That troll on the runway (Cedar dumont or something) was really annoying, but you did a good job of ignoring him. A couple of points:

  • Didn’t need to extend JRRaviation downwind. Easily enough space for a takeoff where he was

  • If you wish to tell someone when to call base as you did with JRR, give them “I’ll call your base” as opposed to “Extend downwind” [See this: Extend downwind vs I’ll call your base]

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Thanks for the feedback. Decided before I started that I’d ignore the noobs. About the extend downwind, I originally just wanted him to extend, but then I really needed him to turn base. I suppose I should have told him I’ll call your base in the first place. Cheers for coming


I’m now closed. Thanks to all that came!


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