[Closed] Active ATC @ EGLC TS1

Come and do pattern work.

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Your turn now! Unfortunately I have to go to sleep 😴

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Had a connection issue =/

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@Joshua_Fleming @AdamCallow

Sure , will come now.

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@Boodz_G Nicely done my friend !

EGLC is always a tricky one to operate due to it’s layout, i saw you were dealing with some numbskulls so well done for keeping up a good service to all those who were following your instructions. It was a really interesting challenge to deal with on my second pattern while on a 3nm final that the wind changed for a rather pleasant 12KTS to 8G19KTS.I don’t really have any feedback as you did a top notch job , most of my feedback would be just observations that doesn’t really make a difference , it would be feedback about what i would of done in your situation…

Good work and keep it up ! I see @Kyle.Plane was also doing tower today @ EGLC and was having the issue as you with people not knowing what back taxi is !


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