I’m thinking of taking IFATC/IFTSATC soon. I’d like to get your views on whether I’m up to scratch to request a test.
Join me as tower and ground at London EGGW 2000Z tonight

All comments and suggestions welcome.

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Hey @Ummers93, I suggest you change the title to "Active ATC @ EGLL TS1"
Also, London Heathrow’s ICAO is EGLL not EGGW.


So I’m required to use EGLL?
thanks for the tip!

You’re not required to ATC EGLL. (If that’s what you meant). Unless you meant it for the title, it gives more info in the title, makes it look cleaner.

No. EGLL is taken right now and I’m not sure if it’ll be available in 30 mins. I know (within reason) EGGW will.

I’ll be there, I’m from IFTSATC. Callsign: N1TR.


Depends which London airport your opening, use the relevant one,

Heathrow - EGLL
Gatwick - EGKK
London City - EGLC
Luton - EGGW

So from your oriaginal post you will be opening Luton, I might fly by post a reply when your open.

IFATC Trainer


I’ll be there, will try to gather other trainers

IFATC Trainer


I’m opening Luton EGGW.


Good stuff, see you there, change the topic title to open when you actually open up and post in this thread so we all no your open :)


Only in case you haven’t already checked out the tutorials here on the Community and on YouTube even before requesting help from the community (in my opinion) this helps to make sure you’re doing the best you can when practicing in addition to helping identifying real area’s of improvement.

Air Traffic Control Tutorials: Air Traffic Control Tutorials - YouTube

I can’t wait to see you’re skills


I’ll be there. Look forward to it.


I’ll be there, IFTSATC Mod

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Why am I getting Landing clearance for touch and go?

Reccomend anyone who’s giving feedback to be careful in what they are saying, feedback needs to be contsructive and make sure your giving the correct information.

From my point of view for a a first session you did pretty well, things that need work but my transition and pattern entry was spot on, considering the amount of traffic you had of all sorts of aircraft you handled it better than what most people would!

I reccomend you watch all of the ATC tutorials that refer to ground and tower operations in the #tutorials catogary,

And if you want to progress further and become IFATC send me a message and il point you in the correct direction to get the ball rolling, thanks for your time opening, you did okay even with the odd nimrods not following instructions.

If you would like any more in depth feedback send me a message il be more than happy to pass it on.

Steven - IFATC Trainer


I will say this. I took off, and entered the pattern, and received no clearance. I called a go around. You didn’t respond. I called another go around, thankfully you responded. For the next 2 patterns I received no clearance and had to go around, and also when I did receive clearance I landed in a runway with someone else taking off


Then you should of gone around, pilot has the decision.


I didn’t see that traffic until I had landed and by that point it was better to stop quickly. (I was flying the 208 VFR with no HUD or radar)

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No radar or hud should open up your view even more so you you had more chance of seeing the aircraft on the runway, flying visual you should be keeping an eye out lol

Trust me its hard on my phone with a resolution of about 5 pixels