[Closed] Active ATC at WSSS (Training Server 1)

Going to practice for my ATC Skills, Please come and share your feedback about my service here! :)

Departures and Landings are using Runway 02L/02C. Thanks


Thank you, I will come over shortly


Sounds great

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WMKK Tower and Ground is now closed, Good Day! (Thanks For coming!)

Side Note : Pardon me of any wrongdoings during my session, And I’m really sorry in the name of those nimrods who doesn’t follow instructions

EGLL Tower and Ground is now opened! I hope I can serve you better this time

The Visibility is really bad and none comes :/

Warning : Due to heavy fog, Please be caution and careful as the visibility is really low

I’m on my way going to fly in and land(No touch and go for me. Not enough time)

Going London City to London Heathrow in a British A318.

Okok! See you in Heathrow! :)

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Ill be inbound for touch and goes in an A318! Departing from Nottingham… See u soon!

Okok! See you in Heathrow :)

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Cant see anything. This is awesome.

Indeed, the visibility is really bad!

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IKR the fog is so thick… at least its not windy!

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Lucky us then.

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Yah, Please be careful when approaches to LHR, I think it’s hard to do manual approaches


runway lights is hard to see on approach at night.

Nice job on controlling, you did well in the conditions.

Good luck on future controlling. I got to go so good luck and good night.

Thanks, I did confused when you did T&G or Full stop, Sorry for that confusion ^-^". And Good Night!

@Alec_Vincent_Morea I’m sorry that I have to close my session now, My dad brings his phone with him so I have to close my session, Sorry :/

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Its fine, I figured it out.