[Closed] Active ATC at KMLI on TS1

Hi everyone!
@DeerCrusher , @cleipelt , and I would like you to come and test our skills at MLI on TS1.



Sure, coming right away! I’ll be in a Carribean Airlines Callsign: Carribean 22


You are taxing way to fast!

We’ve moved to KMLI!


And yes, I was taxiing a little fast - luckily I avoided a plane on pushback.

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You’re supposed to stop or slow down whe given that command

I tried slowing down, I managed to, but I knew I would’ve hit him, so I turned right on the taxi way🙃

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FedEx Flight of 2 Coming for pattern work


Sounds good!

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Was that “follow instructions” call unintentional?

how much longer yall planning on controlling?

Still active?

As long as we can😉

We sure are!

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why no pattern work?

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I don’t know, I’ll ask the tower. I’m just the ground controller.

He said no pattern for the fedex flight of 2 that was here earlier.

that was us… thx guys u did a great job!

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Thank you very much. My guess is 2 C208s was too much to handle with all that traffic for him.

probs… TS1 is tough

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