(Closed) Active ATC at EDDL on TS2

I’m open for 45min, come and fly some patterns :)

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@emil Are you free?

I will come, just finished some practice!

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i will do an flight to your airport:)

Hi @Leo transition was good, pattern entry was also good the commands comes quick, but at the end, you did good to use one RW for @Tom-Bonfield and the other for me, but then you can’t learn sequencing “fast” when you have 4-5-6 aircraft in the pattern you should sequence fast… and everytime when @Tom-Bonfield requested a RW change, you gave him these, and switched me to the other, but why you answered “unable” when I want to fly on the same RW?! You have 2 RW’s, 2 aircrafts in the pattern and it’s not possible to fly on the same? Iam sure I know why I want to fly at the same RW, because I wanted that you sequence us, but last but not least, you did good with the commands and these things :)

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Great ATC! No need to change Chris when we are the same runway though. You can work around it, your good

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Thanks for the feedback, I wanted to put both of you on each runway but there was only 2 of you so my fault🙂, thanks for coming!


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