[Closed] Across the Alps @ LFNA - 302200ZDEC18

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - TBM930 [Any Livery]

Departure Airport - Gap-Tallard Airport [LFLP]

Departure Time - 2200Z Friday, January 11, 2019

Projected Flight Time - 50 Minutes [50Min]

Arrival Airport - Annecy Mont Blanc Airport [LFLP]

NOTAM: All pilots should spawn in at least 10 minutes early to prepare their aircraft for the departure. Pilots should also use Unicom/ATC (if present) correctly and maintain professionalism.

Could a moderator delete my post? I made a mistake and i didn’t finished it
Thank you for understanding.

You can just edit it😉

Yes but i didn’t finished it at all @Latvia.

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If you really want it deleted, you can flag it, but there may be limited moderation over Christmas/New Year

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Ok thank you @Latvia

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It’s likely your topic will be close instead deleting.


ok it’s not a problem, i prefer it

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I’m gonna remade it but later I thing, I hope it’s not a problem.

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