[CLOSED] Aaron’s ATC Tracking Thread @ KMKE - TS

I’m going to be practicing ATC on Training at KMKE so I can get expert ATC standards. Please join Training at KMKE to keep me busy as ground and tower, someone can take over approach and departure too, thank you.
Also I’m using 19L/R for departure, 25L/R for arrivals, pattern work allowed.


I changed the tile for you. Just change it from OPEN to CLOSED when you are done. 😉

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Ok thanks, are you able to join? Also I may do this daily, weekly, or every other day so stay tuned!

Sadly no. I’m a little busy, but thought I would check IFC for a bit.

Ok, someone joined though with name test

Yay people are joining

Whoa A340 nice American 12 26

You don’t have to post everyone that comes. Just post a new reply when you close/open, or have a question or comment for someone. Have fun!

Sorry, I am unable to join but Just a quick question why would you not allow pattern work? What is the point? (I didn’t think the last one posted correctly)

Ok I guess I can allow pattern work since it won’t be busy, sorry callsign “RA1” you can come back for patterns

I would come @CaptAwesomeAaron, but I am unavailiable. Will keep my eye out for you to be open again!

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Attention all aircraft, this ATC thing is now closed but it will reopen tomorrow sometime between 1400Z-2300Z and it will be open tomorrow longer. Today it was a test to see if it is successful and it was! So, I will reopen tomorrow. Also tomorrow try and get less than 4 violations against ATC instructions. Thanks! Will notify when open and rwy procedures and more info.

Also every week we will choose a new location and you guys will vote so make sure to vote on the next location starting Wednesday!

Late April Fools! I’ll be open until 2400Z

Don’t mean to burst your bubble but it’s past 2400Z

Here’s a time conversion chat for you

Sorry I meant 0100Z haha

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It’s past 0100Z as well, 😂, anyways I’m done complaining, I’ll come by for a few pattern work. update your thread, past 0100Z

Actually I live in CDT and it’s 7:28 and it says 0100=8PM so…

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Sent my feedback in PMs. Not bad for a start, but you need some more work. Thank you for opening, review my feedback, and have a good day

Not much feedback from me, I just want to clear up this one small thing

When I am cleared for takeoff/option, after that you don’t have to say enter “xx downwind runway xx”. You send them the traffic direction and they should know what they’re doing

Runway change was good
The after go around procedure was good too

Shame you have no pilots but I’ll be sure to swing by next time you open :)

PS: Next time choose an airport with less runways because it’s easy to get lost and for a controller to get confused

PS2: I made this public so that everyone can learn because this is a common mistake

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