[Closed] A380 first flight to BHX @ EGKK - 301900ZMAR16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: London

Airport: EGKK-EGBB

Time: 1900Z (2000GMT)

NOTAM: This Wednesday we celebrate the arrival of the Emirates a380 at BHX. They are now starting daily flights in there a380.
Hope you can all make it☺


It’s actually only one daily service with the A380. The morning and evening flights are still operated by the 777.

Yes I know.

This is today. There is a flight plan there.

A380s only?

A380 Emirates only.

can you put a second flight plan it might change due to the runway

count me

You’ll be glad to know that you will receive military assistance! I will be escorting. My call sign is N70GF, by the way.

Is this event starting in 5mins?

Yes. Deal with it. puts shades on

Where I should park in ?

I saw the lineup but then obviously my stupid internet keeps dropping out so I left :( Enjoy everyone who is there!

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coming to this now

GG everyone! Lovely trip, except a ground spammed to contact it while I was on final. Great JOB!

Thank You all

Nice trip! Hey, need an Escort?

No problem! Ever need an escort, let me know.

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