(Closed) A320 Family meet up - @ EGKK - 022000ZMAR17

Unfortunately there is no Position 108 in IF. I know it is in the Airport Plan of LiveFlight, but it is not in IF as well as in official Airport Charts…

Aer Lingus, A321 for me

roger that i will move your gate

A321 aer lingus is added for you thomas

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Please add me.
A320, Air France

Sign me up! I’ll be in an Air New Zealand livery

you have been added:)

lovely it will look good for s photo if i put you next to the other ANZ

I’ll try to make it ill be in an aer lingus A321 or american A321/321

sure ill put you down for Aer Lings now but if you wish to change just turn up in which livery you wish

Hey dude can i get gate 110 please

Can i get gate 110 please with JetBlue A320 please?

I will be there in a Airbus a320 wizz air

gate 112 ill take for the event

Sign me up

I’ll come in a Etihad A321

I would like to join in a Lufthansa.

I’ll be any gate please

Actually, cancel if it starts after 3:00pm (east) during the week days but I’m 100% good on the weekend

Hi…i would also like to attend. Please count me in!

Add me in. Avianca A318