(Closed) A320 Family meet up - @ EGKK - 022000ZMAR17

Server: *Training

Region: * London

Airport: *EGKK- London Gatwick

Time: * 20:00z

Hello Members! I had seen that there was an A320 family event and wanted to do a new one myself! The A320s are the worlds most flown aircraft and owned by several huge airlines.

We will spawn at EGKK-(London Gatwick) and fly up to EGBB-(Birmingham). There is no set livery but please comment the livery that you will be comming in so I can arrange the liveries to look great in Screenshots.

101 Liam_purcell British Airways A319
102 Wren_Jago British Airways A319
104 Pandu_Margi British Airways A319
105 @Benayres125 British Airways A319
106 @Major-Tom
107 @Norshuttle909 SAS A320
109 @Cpt_FITZGERALD Air France A320
110 @Alex2405 Air France a320
111 Sean_Parrell JetBlue A320
112 chika_A British Airways A318
113 Ivan_Lin TAROM A318

130 @CrispyNuggetMan Air New Zealand A320
131 Tom_Luciani Air New Zealand A320
132 Thomas_Ralph Aer Lingus A321
133 @Binesh_Ashokan Etihad A321
134 @Captain_Patrick Aer Lingus A321
135 @andyy Etihad A321
136 daga957334 Avianca A318
137 @edthomas123 Delta A319

I hope that a good number of people will attend this event and have fun



Join me in! I’ll try make it

roger that what livery? @jdag2004

I’ll come along as well - BA livery? (I don’t know if there is one to be honest)

JetBlue, Virgin America or Lufthansa. I’ll choose one sooner to the time

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@Wren_Jago theres a BA A319 and there permitted so you are added

roger that your added

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Thank you I am looking forward to it

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Pls add me… Etihad

Sure things dude your added

I’ll try and attend Liam , can I please have a gate :)

sure thomas what livery? @Thomas_Ralph

Me please in an Air New Zealand livery.

Beautiful livery your added

I Will try to come can take Any Gate Will probarly come in a SAS a320

Will try to make it.
Lufthansa A320

Do you want to have designated Gates in Birmingham?
special Flightplan / cruise Attitude and speed?

Sure things love the SAS livery

Your added! I will post the flight plan on the day of the event and no specific gates at EGBB

Sign me up.
A319 BA livery

sure things my fiend