[Closed] A320-A321 Picture Showdown Event @ KSJC - 221430ZJUL17


Do we just take Snap shots and post it here? After the flight?

Yep…there is a solo …(you only) and a team (with a team)

I’ll try to get some GREAT shots, but I’m very bad at them :o Lol

Okay lmao…

I changed the time…as I cant

I’ll join the flight

Okay! Tell me your callsign and the gate that you want!

It will be American 1967 a321 and what gates are best

Okay listed…!

What stand shall I go on

You have gate 4…

Can I have a gate I will fly any livery


EK433 is my call sign

Listed…you have gate 5

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Thanks! I will be there


I’m in central so that should be 9:30am?

Idk Im saying zulu time