[Closed] A320-A321 Picture Showdown Event @ KSJC - 221430ZJUL17

Server: Casual

Region: San Francisco

Aircraft : A320-A321


Time: 14:30 Zulu time

On Saturday 22nd July were going to do a picture showdown ( Who can take the best snapshots) We will have 2 categories, There will be a winner in each categorie, After we will have a short flight! We will remain @KSJC for 20 minutes who wants to take pictures there! I will judge…If two pictures are too good the public will decide! Tell me your callsign and gate what would you like! My callsign =AIRFLOW1

1.Team Picture
2. Solo picture

Parking gate G1=AIRFLOW1 (Leader)
Parking gate G2 =@Anthony_Vo (Delta 33)
Parking gate G3 =@SouthwestFan ( SWA297 )
Parking gate G4 =@william_johnson ( American 1967)
Parking gate G5 =@PilotA (EK433)
Parking gate G6 = @Ezrap27 (N961CY)
Parking gate G7= @OminePlayz_YT (American 776)
Parking Gate G8=@andre_burke (N93HG)
Parking Gate G9=@M_Pragitya_Vazza (PV)
Parking Gate G10=
Parking Gate G11=
Parking Gate G12=
More gates will be added if needed, if I didnt respond for the gate dont’t worry I will check all the comments 1-2 hours before. After were going to have a short flight.
Have an nice flight

Flight plan=


KPAO is Palo Alto airport, a small GA airport that shouldn’t have anything larger than a 208 landing there (in IF)

Were not going to land there.

You’re going to take off there…

This is in casual, There are no violations!

If it’s for GA aircraft then you can’t spawn there in any Server

What airport would you suggest?

KSJC-KSFO-KOAK will be perfect and realistic and not much longer than it is now

Okay…sorry Im still new about how to organise events :)


Thank you all for your assistance.

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I will try to be there

Hey, on the day will you announce that the EVENT is starting?

And Also i would Like to attend the event :) But I’ll Conifrm as the event will be at 10:30PM AWST time. Also i still have to confirm… :)

Okay…Tell me your callsign and gate that you want even if youre not sure!

Okay…Tell me your callsign and gate that you want even if youre not sure!

CALLSIGN: Delta 33

Aircraft : A330 (if we can)

Unfortunately only A320s and A321s

No Problem. I will be in my A321 :) and can you try to make it Saturday unless it’s too late

Thank you, I really Appreciate it if you can :).

Yes I will make it saturday at 1230z


Call sign is Southwest 297 Heavy and I would like gate G-3