(Closed) A to B ATC @ YSSY and YMML - 211700ZJAN18


If all the time slots get filled you can still request a time and airport and you will be added to the reserves. A reserve will be called apon if someone can’t make it.


I am happy to announce that the great men and women over at @QantasVirtual will be sponsoring this weeks A to B ATC! When you have a chance go check them out.


Sorry but I can’t come


That’s fine. Hopefully you can come next Sunday!


4 days until our first A to B ATC! Three spots are still available!


2 days until the event starts!


@callum5124 you got YSSY at 20:00Z!


All the time slots are full but I am still accepting controllers for the reserves. You will be called upon if someone drops out. :)


Gonna spawn in at YMML and wait for obsidian to drop out


I’m just checking, you know it’s tomorrow.


Ohhhh I’m getting days mixed up


Ok, thank god I checked.


Tomorrow, starting at 17:00Z ATC will be open at YSSY and YMML till 22:00Z. Come swing by and then post any feedback you have here.


That gave me a mild heart attack, someone said ATC and spwan in and I went WHAT WAIT NO


I know right. I did a double take.


My brain went “Wait, that’s not correct”


Event starts in 4 hours. 17:00Z.


If you would like a time slot there is still one more open for YSSY. 18:00Z.


Looking forward to be controlling at YMML! 😀👍


I looking forward to sending departures to you. :)