(Closed) A to B ATC @ YSSY and YMML - 211700ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Australia

Airports: YSSY and YMML

ATC will controll YSSY and YMML on 1 hour shifts Tower and Ground from 17:00Z to 21:00Z. It’s that simple. 👌

I will post times below and just like you would ask for a gate if this was a normal event, for this event you would ask for a time you would like to control.

Pattern work at controller’s discretion based on airport traffic conditions.

Time Slots Avalible to control YSSY:
17:00 - *@callum5124
18:00 - *@Trio
19:00 - *@Cbro4
20:00 - *@Ryan_Vidad
21:00 - *@Ryan_Vidad

Time Slots Avalible to control YMML
17:00 - *@Gliding_Central
18:00 - *@AllegiantAir
19:00 - @Oli_H
20:00 - @AndrewRG10
21:00 - *@Trio

*ATCEG team member

Also, if all the times slots are filled you can still apply to be in the reserves, for if someone with a slot drops out. You will be assigned a number corresponding to your place in the queue.

1st. @Matthew_Chan

Hope you like the idea! Credit to @AllegiantAir 😉.

Sponsered by @QantasVirtualGroup.

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put me in at 1900Z @YMML

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You got it @Oli_H!

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This is the worlds second most popular route, glad to see it get used more! I’ll look into coming


The inspiration behind this event came from this post:


I will take ATC for 18:00 Zulu, hope to see lots of traffic!

For which airport kind sir?

For YMML. Hope to see a lot of traffic!

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You have it @AllegiantAir!

I’m not sure on ATC or flying yet (I’ll PM you).

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Either would be great!

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I can take 2pm EST (1900Z) at YSSY.

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You got it, 19:00Z @cbro4!

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I’ll go at 1800Z at YSSY

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You can have that spot @Ryan_Vidad!

Put me 21:00 at Melbourne! Gonna be a really early morning if I went any earlier than that

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You got it @AndrewRG10!

I’ll take 1700 at YMML

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Awesome! You got it @Connor_Seymour!

Fantastic! I’ll be there, hopefully

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