[Closed] A Tale Of The Proud German Airline: An Air Berlin Flyout! @EDDT, EDDL 271700ZOCT19

@Marco-legend Does not look like this will work at this moment.

Nice event @Kuba_Jaroszczyk a great tribute to a late airline 😀✈

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Gate C03A A330 flight to Los Angeles please

I’ll take this one :-)

@Squirry you are now added! 👍

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Sign me in for Gate B01 to Vienna please

@sam.dus you are added! Enjoy. 👍

@Capt.SkyWalker I have added you.

Hope to see more attendants coming.

Thanks Jack!

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One week to go! I hope to see more attendants before the end date, let’s celebrate the red!

I will have gate B3 at Dusseldorf, great event!

@Thunderbolt I am adding you!

Can I sign up for Co5


@SwedishFlyer and @Dingus you guys are added!

actually may I change to this gate with the 319 instead?

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I want gate 56 to MADRID. Thx

@Jaimexerez2000 I have added you! Enjoy.

Event starts tomorrow! Let’s show some respect for Air Berlin!

I’ll take Gate 60 -> Oslo, Norway at Berlin!