[Closed] A San Fran Party @ KSFO - 200030ZAUG17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: San Francisco

Airport: KSFO

Time: 0030Z

NOTAM: [Sorry for the late notice] It’s time for a little San Fran Party! We will be flying from KSFO to KSCK. You can fly any aircraft you would like in any livery. We will need ATC Ground and Tower at both airports throughout the event. Please follow all ATC instruction. The flight plan is shown below, or you can copy the flight plan from me. My callsign will be JVAZ423. When asking to join, please be sure to include what your callsign will be, and I will give you a gate assignment. We will start taxiing at 0040Z to make sure everyone is there. We will all take off from KSFO RWY 28L and land on KSCK RWY 29R. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You will not be able to get a gate assignment after 0020Z. As always, have fun!

[If you take any pictures of the event, please post them after the event]


Ground: @AllegiantAir
Tower: @AllegiantAir


Gate Assignments at KSFO

34A: @jakevaz423 - Callsign: JVAZ423
34B: @SouthwestFan - Callsign: PRIVATE1
A01: @Kevin_James - Callsign: N104QD
A01B: @MatPilote13 - Callsign: Air France 1549
A02: @Steven_Snyder - Callsign: Emirates 22 Super
A03: @Qantas737guy - Callsign: Ukraine International 228
A04: @Jordan_Quach - Callsign: United 762

More gates will be added if needed.

I’ll try to be there. Give me a gate just in case

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@SouthwestFan Sure! What will your callsign be?

PRIVATE1 will be my callsign. Just remember that I may not make it

@SouthwestFan Roger that! Hope to see you there!

Ill be there at the event

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@Kevin_James Great! What will your callsign be?

My callsign is N104QD

@Kevin_James Ok. Sounds good.

What time is this event at?

@Kevin_James 0030Z on 8/20/2017. What time zone are you in?

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Eastern time zone is mine

@Kevin_James Ok. I believe it will be at 8:30pm EDT. In about an hour.

@jakevaz423 is this Today or tomorrow?

@Kevin_James In Eastern time - it is today in an hour.

I will be there callsign Air France 1549
Will be a Boeing 787-10
What’s my gate?

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Oh ok Thank You @jakevaz423

@MatPilote13 Ok sounds good! Check the gate assignments at the top for your gate.

Ok !
Everyone have a nice flight!

@Kevin_James No problem. Glad I could help.