[Closed] A Propeller GA Landing Competition- Results are in!

Server: Training Server 2

Region: Southern California

Airport: KDAG

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: *Fly to KDAG from a random Airfield that is your choise. When you land at KDAG your landing will be judged out of ten. We will land at runway 08.
Please only use propeller GA aircraft. (C172, C208 etc.)
Each competitor does only 1 landing.

Here’s a picture that you can see your spawn airports etc.

*I need some judges, PM me if you want to judge.

Note: Dash 8 and Cessna Citation X do not count as GA aircraft. (CCX is a jet GA, we only use propeller aircraft.)


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PM me please.

The Citation X is a jet GA aircraft. Change it to Propeller GA aircraft.

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I’ve changed it now. Please correct me on any other mistakes.

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Its perfect now.

Okay, thanks for spotting the mistakes. :)

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Never been rated so I will try to show up :)) what are the prices ? :-))

The prices are just honour and a virtual medals.

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Just to clarify, your points will be judged on technique, smoothness and centerline.

Is the competition based on Airforceproud95’s videos?

Yes, but this is with GA aircraft.

I will try to be there!!:)

I will try to be there!

Awesome, thanks guys!

It is rescheduled to friday. 2nd of September.

Do you mean September ( tomorrow), if yes than at 1600Z, too?

Oh yeah, september and 1600Z

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Too early for me, otherwise I would participate.

Just saw this haha, I was circling Barstow wondering where everyone was… I’ll be there tomorrow!

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