[Closed] A pal in cal must leave his locale after his life goes mal @ KOXC - 032134ZOCT15

Server: Free Flight

Region: New York

Airport: Starts/Ends at KOXC

Time: 032134ZOCT15

NOTAM: * My next monthly event! A vague explanation follows. As title reads, A PAL IN Los Angeles CALifornia, needs to leave his LOCALE. He got transferred to uptown NYC AFTER HIS LIFE GOES MAL. He doesn’t believe the area around him is beautiful enough, any participants escort the huge beast (Airbus A380) of an aircraft under a strict flight plan TBA closer to the actual event. It might be on ATC playground if we can get ATC on the major airports, (JFK, EWR, SWF, HPN, LGA). If you’re interested, don’t say a lot in each comment. *

Why do you start these a month in advance why not release it a week in advance.

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Can’t spawn multiple times w same account :)

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So that you get advance. I’ll remind you about it when it gets closer, but I like to get you groovy if you can, then all of a sudden it comes up and you wonder where your month went. At least that’s what happened with my last monthly event.

Anybody who would like to join event please respond. If you’d like to be available for ATC, say so please. We will be flying to JFK, EWR, LGA, and HPN before landing back in OXC. Be prepared for landing and then either continuing to the end of the runway for takeoff or turning back to whence you landed to takeoff again.

This event will be taking place in two days so I’m reviving the topic with some news. Please show up in an A340-600 South African plane, and spot my A380 on the hold short line at spawn in. We will be flying from OXC-HPN-LGA-JFK-OXC.

@hubandspoke1, if you’d just like to participate in the event and not be ATC, I could kindly host this on Free Flight.

I only expect last minute visitors to join, like how @Freddiefrogs invited himself to my London event. If you’re available, you are free to join.

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Oh, remember, it’ll be my alternate account talking during the event. I will be posting updates before and during the flight, such as which runway to land in and which way to go after landing and which airfield is next. Actually, you’ll set up the flight plan accordingly before we depart. The flight plan should be as on my earlier post. Flying will begin no later than ten minutes after the above time, so please arrive on time. Please be on the community on another device, even if you can’t answer, because I’ll be posting updates before and during the flight when I get a chance. I’m the A380 at KOXC. Please spawn into runway 18, as I’ll be holding short at 36. Thank you for your cooperation. Studies show that @hubandspoke1 is the only expected participant if he wants to.

I’m spawning in now. Waiting for everyone else now. I don’t need ATC, @huband, so if you’d like please join.

@zhris, thank you for joining! We shall depart in about 15-20 minutes.

Wait where’d you go?

No problem, if I temporarily lose signal its because I’m checking here.

Ok. Sorry.

I can do ATC on playground if yous want??

I’ve said on this post it’s on Free Flight, however feel free to spawn in on Runway 18 in KOXC in New York and join.

Ok I’ll be there as an a380

@zhris, have your flight plan set up? Departure in 10-12 minutes.

Read that you need to have A340-600 South African livery, otherwise you are considered a, “bystander”.